Tide Pool Bioblitzes 2019

Citizen Science Day, April 13 is coming soon: stay Tuned for details!

Tide Pool Parent Project–All Year Round

Our Tide Pool Project is a citizen science project using iNatuarlist. We will use this tool to track and document tide pool species for the California Coastline and State Waters. In addition, we will have local bioblitzes to focus on specific reefs.

In 2019 we will supplement this tool with an actual online Tide Pool course.


Sharing the Data: Collaborative Citizen Science Projects

2015 Yukon Marine Life Survey Project

Ocean Sanctuaries 2015 Yukon Marine Life Survey is an opportunity for divers to contribute photos documenting the marine life on the Yukon. This is a long-term study designed as a follow-up to the one done in 2004 by San Diego Oceans Foundations under the Artificial Reef Monitoring Projects (ARMP).  The 366 ft. long Canadian warship Yukon was purchased, cleaned and sunk by the City of San Diego and the San Diego Oceans Foundation in July of 2000 to serve as a pioneering artificial reef  which would attract both tourists and marine life–and, in that regard, it has been spectacularly successful.

For the 11-11-15 broadcast of a KPBS Special Report and interview with founders Barbara Lloyd and Michael Bear by  reporter Erik Anderson, see here: 

Yukon Science Diver peers into the ship

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Sevengill Shark Identification Project
Fieldscope – Sharks of California
Ocean Sanctuaries supports ocean-related citizen science projects which are already established, such as the  Sevengill Shark Project: Methodology web page that Bear founded in 2010 to monitor and track Sevengill sharks (Notorynchus cepedianus) in the San Diego area, using a pair of pattern recognition algorithms to analyze the freckling patterns on the dorsal sides of Sevengill sharks. This involves using photographs taken by local divers who have been trained to recognize this species and obtain high definition photographs from various angles. Ocean Sanctuaries and BSCS are collaborating to feature their latest citizen science tool, Fieldscope, to track the Sharks of California.You can log sightings and photos of Leopard sharks, Horn sharks, Angel sharks, Tope sharks as well as pelagic species such as Blue, Mako, Great White and Thresher.

Register here:

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Collaboration with Citizen Science Central
Ocean Sanctuaries is collaborating with Citsci.org, developed through the Natural Resources Ecology Lab (NREL) at Colorado State University as an initiative to promote citizen involvement in scientific research by entering our Sevengill shark data into their national citizen science program.See here for more info: http://tinyurl.com/mdmfdd4
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To document San Diego and California tide pool species through citizen science.