Recently, Philip Mirowski, Carl E Koch Professor of Economics and Policy Studies and the History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Notre Dame, and a fellow at the Reilly Center in Indiana, published an in-depth critique of the field of Citizen Science in its present form.

I have provided a link to that article below the rebuttal here.

Dr. Sheldon Wilde Greaves, a member of Ocean Sanctuaries Board of Directors has provided the following rebuttal:

‘The Power and Promise of Citizen Science’


The Power and Promise of Citizen Science

Dr. Mirowski’s Original Critique:



Interview with OS Citizen Science Project Director, Michael Bear

Pelagic Love: Ocean Passion Series

Scuba Diver Life

June Issue

“Citizen science, or community science, has gained popularity in recent years. Ocean Sanctuaries, based in San Diego, offers a few projects for interested divers.”

Ocean Sanctuaries Offers Marine Citizen Science Projects