Donate to Ocean Sanctuaries

March 15, 2014

Long-time San Diego recreational and science divers Barbara Lloyd and Michael Bear have joined forces to establish an ocean conservation non-profit organization, called Ocean Sanctuaries, devoted to species conservation, ocean sustainability as well as supporting citizen science projects and documentary films which involve the ocean.

Many organizations exist for a very specific cause like ‘save the whales,’ or ‘save the sharks,’ and that is great. And yet it is people who must take action. As a mentor of Lloyd’s said, ‘The Oceans are the consciousness of Humanity.’

And so, we have envisioned an organization which is a collaboration between citizen scientists, scientists, and other like-minded organizations to foster greater understanding, wise ecology, species protection and good stewardship of the ocean and related habitats.  We hope to do this by creating a community which educates and shares information through multi-media, social media, and the web. We also make data and imagery, gathered by citizen scientists, available to the general public, scientists, and other organizations.

Ocean Sanctuaries™ is committed to breaking down data ‘silos’ and sharing data with other groups whenever possible in the Open Source model……see Citizen Science Projects Section on right for  news about data sharing with other ocean-related citizen science projects.

“These folks are amazing. Actually getting citizen scientists involved and doing real work. They treat volunteers like family and clearly understand the importance of their efforts. Community involvement, education, & open source research.”

Chris W.